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Some ground rules.

These are set and enforced by the pawb.fun moderators.

  1. Rule #1 – No illegal content or conduct. Content or conduct that is illegal in the United States is strictly prohibited.
  2. Rule #2 – Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and other discrimination is prohibited. Users who engage in such conduct are not welcome on our platform.
  3. Rule #3 – Don’t stalk or harass other users. Respect other users of our service and other federated instances.
  4. Rule #4 – Misinformation and deceptive content is prohibited. Misinformation, scams, Ponzi schemes, and other deceptive tactics have become rampant on other platforms and we don’t want to see a resurgence of it in the Fediverse.
  5. Rule #5 – Content warnings (CW) are required for NSFW content, political discussion and debate, religious promotion and debate, and drug mentions.
  6. Rule #5.2 – Don't put polarizing, graphic, or sensitive content in the content warning (CW) description.
  7. Rule #6 – Respect the service. Spam and advertising is not acceptable, but friendly automated bots are welcome.
  8. Rule #7 – Use the report system. If a user or instance is breaking the rules, we recommend just reporting the content and not engaging.
  9. Rule #8.1 – Account / post language identification. We require that all posts are properly marked with the language used, which can be done at the account level through the account preferences page, or per-post by clicking the language button next to “CW” (Content Warning).
  10. Rule #8.2 – Misleading or deceptive impersonation. You may not impersonate an individual, group, or organization with the intent to deceive, confuse, and exploit other users. Parody accounts should tag themselves clearly in their profile description.
  11. Rule #8.3 – Bot accounts must mark themselves as a bot and must post using “Unlisted”, “Followers only”, or “Mentioned people only”, so we can keep the local and federated timelines clear and focused on users.
  12. Rule #8.4 – No brand or government-affiliated account may be registered on Pawb.Social services without prior written and publicly recorded approval, except furry fandom-operated brands and events covered by the exception in our full rules.
  13. Rule #8.5 – If you have been suspended from any Pawb.Social instance, you may not create another account on any of our services.
  14. Rule #8.6 – All avatars and header images must not contain any content that is prohibited by any other rule in the Code of Conduct, especially content that requires a Content Warning (CW).
  15. The full Code of Conduct can be found at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jXkulJKMWEmv-cb_jaYkG2L0sTcZeHKdcqwImNkf6Ko – Some rules and wording listed here have been summarized for brevity.